About us

We are not like other numerous cam sites which have strong feels that are corporate to them. From the time you visits us, you instantly notice what will always make us stand out in a market place that is competitive. . we started out as movement from the grassroots levels up-to now that we have culminated to have a huge group of real fans who have come together to team up a cam site that is Asian and is the best. This even increases the love for girls from all parts of Asia.

Our team is made up of tech people who have vast skills and knowledge to work in the field, travel, social media people and web hosting individuals. This give us various merits on the speed of loading our site, site stability and ways in which Asian girls who have just started using cam can be brought together exclusively in our society. The girls are appreciative of the approaches we take and even trust us in the proper monitoring of online security. This is the main reason why we are conscious of politeness and privacy. If we have the same direction in terms of objectives and goals, then you are at the right place. After having a look in our site after a first visit, you will keep coming back and there is an option for bookmarking us for the sake of the future online play sessions. We are there when you need us, anytime and anyplace. We provide free video chats that are live thus talking to numerous Asian girls.

Our goals and objectives

We have classified our goals into three:


We believe that security whenever online is very important. We try our very best so as to protect privacy as well as enable compliance with regulations that have been put in place so as to help in the protection of the dignity of the people. Offline meeting with models is prohibited thus no need to ask a model out. We are a fun site and not a dating one.


We aim at showing the whole world on how sexy, thrilling and smart Asian women are. We aim at changing negative perspectives about the Asian women plus the webcam.


Ww aim at making fun with and for every person. Models are expected to always smile as they have recreation time when they share the sexiest shows so that it feels as if it is home away from home. We provide contact forms so that you can give us your thoughts.