Terms and using Conditions

Every content in our site is sexually oriented and meant for people aged above eighteen years. Any person who is affected by the material should hit the exit button and not enter the site. We aim at ensuring that users do not view any sexual content without their written and signed consent. Thus the agreements have to be read first. Despite the age factor, there are locality laws depending on area of residence or origin that should be followed to the latter. The terms are:

  • I am an adult who has an age of more than eighteen
  • The materials I am getting access to buy using site are meant for my personal use, furthermore in no way will a minor get access to the material.
  • It is my right as the adult to view or even read the material type I will prefer and anything will not be offensive.
  • My reading, viewing and for the downloading of any material from the website doesn’t violate community standards in my locality.
  • It is my responsibility in case of any liability or false disclosures plus any arising legal ramifications.
  • I can only advertise or place a link on the site after I get a content that is written. In the case of violation of the rule, I will face rights infringement and thus legal procedures.

Policy for the privacy on the site

  1. Policy on information that is personal: we collect information that is personal from people who visit our site and they knowingly plus willingly give us their information by filling in the registration form we provide. The information can be address, phone number and even name.
  2. Information that is non personal: this information is obtained after someone accesses our site. The information include type of the browser used for instance internet explorer, the operating system in use and the name of the domain from where our site is accessed. The browsing behavior of the visitors is also obtained, amount of times they stay in the site and total times a visitor shall revisit the site. This is done effectively with the use of appropriate analytics such as Google analytics.

Any information that ids collected is not disclosed with anyone. The information is utilized in the sending promotional services to visitors, delivering of advertisements, allowing a platform for making purchases using one click and understand the needs of people visiting our site.

We do aim at protecting the privacy of the children. We let not let children get access to our materials and content. We also take up several measures so as to protect information and the data.

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