5 things I’ve learned from dating on Internet

Posted: 28.02.2019 Viewed: 1704

There are basic things that women will avoid doing, but sometimes we do. Online dating facilitates easy and convenient way of interacting with new people. Online dating will usually seem like the swiftest way to find love, but it has numerous effects other than love. There are people who will feel stigmatized even after going for several offline actual dates from their online dates. There are times we shall resort to online dating since almost every person is giving online dating a try. It will range from singles to people already in marriage. And also, you will be spoilt for choice when you decide to try online dating.

Main lessons that shall remain edged on my mind are:

  1. A woman will contact a man on very rare occasions. And in case they contact a man and he follows, then the man will already be having a date. There are women of the bold type who will start of the first time conversation, but this will rarely happen. It is as if the norms in our current day society still affect the platforms meant for online dating. Maybe there should be a set of rules to regulate online dating, which is so different from our present day society.
  2. When a woman has taken the effort to contact you, it will mean that she does not like slow movement of indecisiveness. Moving slowly can mean a lost chance. It will show the woman is determined on accomplishing what they want and know they deserve. They are self-aware and they will only rest after accomplishing and achieving their goals. Any guy should take the opportunity and get to have conversations with this type of woman as there might be a future between the two of you.
  3. Women will receive more mail than male will, even if there is an option list. Many men will try writing to women. Thus women will receive more messages compared to men. Societal doctrines still state and provide guidelines in dating. For instance, the man should approach the lady and not vice versa. This will lead to women receiving more mail than men. Furthermore, not every woman will be bold enough so as to ask a man out. Go-getters and the risk takers are the ladies who would be willing to go against the expectations in our society. Statistics show that after 4 months a group of women will be recipients of messages, twenty times more than the messages for men. The women who are perceived as more attractive shall receive eighty three percent of the total number of messages sent to women on the dating sites. A popular lady will have their inbox filled up quite fast as compared to men with same kind of fame.
  4. You shall rarely attract the kind of person you think you want. We all have a set of criteria that must be met by those who want to date us. There is competition as the number of single people using online sites for dating are numerous. The thing that will make the difference from one person to another is the intelligence, humor and creativity. A man should avoid being needy, be unique, different from what she usually gets and even show a ready that you have already read their profile. Perceive online dating as a huge jungle, to maneuver it, the only way is mastering the process.
  5. When free sites are involved, finding a serious partner is challenging. After trying out the free sites, upgrade to sites that have charges so as to meet people that are serious with long term relationships. As a person looking for a partner, learn to be patient and avoid unnecessary frustrations.