Why Dating Apps and Sites Aren’t Working for You

Posted: 28.02.2019 Viewed: 1769

There are times when two people meet online fall in love and have a happy ever after. Well, it isn’t the case for everyone. Maybe someone wants perfection or a partner they perceive as perfect and appropriate. Sometimes, the bar will have to be set a little bit lower. The eight main reasons why the sites plus the apps don’t work your way are as below, including what can be rectified.

  1. Being in just but a few number of dating sites and apps: always keep in mind that dating someone is a game of numbers. You never get it wrong, maybe using the inappropriate mathematical sign will affect results. Be part and a member of several dating sites so that you will be available to majority of the people. Sign up for many sites so as to increase number of persons who shall be in the dating pool.
  2. Being inactive on the social dating sites: there is a difference between having an account and a profile that is up to date with appropriate and relevant information and just having an account. For dating sites to work in your favor, keep signing in sometimes severally per day so as to see the number of people that are potential dates. Just have a complete profile then set the apps as a priority. Being active online is directly proportional to finding a partner.
  3. A profile that is scarce and sparse: having an empty profile will imply nothing can be known about you, a scanty profile will yield medium results that are scanty in nature. It will seem as if you do not want serious dating or you are lacking the interest in finding a partner. It will revolve around priorities.
  4. Having a profile that is full: having a profile that is long will not work for you. You will seem as a person who is long-winded and overbearing. No person will have the interest of reading paragraphs of your life history. Have few sentences that are direct as well as self-explanatory. This will definitely catch someone’s attention.
  5. You rarely initiate a conversation: there are times when you have to text people first. Sending a message shows your boldness, assertiveness and confidence and there are the qualities that appeal to most people.
  6. Having impersonal conversations: always personalize the messages you send. Try referencing directly to maybe what is in the person’s profile or even what they said. Do not write someone a message that is generic and unreal.  
  7. You have set parameters that are yielding less options: have several options when using dating apps. Be broad minded on the distance you set and even the age. Do not limit yourself. Setting parameters that are wide enough shall mean a wide variety to choose what you find desirable.
  8. Not wanting the relationship to work: sometimes it is all about the attitude you have. You might not be over an ex and thus, high chances are that you just want a rebound and nothing serious. Or maybe someone pressured you into signing up to the sites. There are low chances of being satisfied and content unless it is a personal choice you make. When there is a serious urge to date, be optimistic so that you get positive results.