When a Friend Is Not Talking to You

Posted: 28.02.2019 Viewed: 1889

We shall focus on friendships. The reasons for the friend cutting down communications can maybe because you are involved or they just want an alone me time. We shall focus on the causes of sudden silence among friends and the possible remedies. Sometimes all you have to do is pay a lot of concentration to the way you act.

Whenever a friend stops talking to us, especially when there is no explanation, the next thing swill be trying to figure out where or what the problem could be and this will usually make you feel confused. It gets tougher when your buddy is in a challenging situation and you have to be present. The two main reasons for silence are; everything has a connection to you or there is no connection between the silence and you. Some reasons as to why someone might stop talking can be:

  1. Different way of communicating; there is a probability that your buddy has not really shut the world and you out of their life. There is a chance they are just trying to take a break from a given communication form such as social media or texting. It is very normal to want a break from modern day technology and social media sites. Try talking to you buddy before concluding on anything.
  2. Are there others? It is wanting to know if a friend has been moving on from every person. In case it is just from you, then you played a role. If it is everyone, it shall mean that your friend has issues to be sorted out and maybe they prefer walking through it all alone.
  3. Conflict: when there is a conflict between two friends, then silence will follow before things are all sorted out. Maybe all you did was gossip, betrayed the friendship you have, committed mistakes of friendships such as lying and failing to support them. There is a time where making amends is the only solution after making mistakes. There are times when friendships will die fur to simple mistakes.
  4. every person will scream and speak their minds especially when they are upset. After things cool off, gather courage and ask your friend what it is that went wrong and apologize. Always own your mistakes and try reconnecting to your friend. Ensure the apology you make is honest and true and ask what can be done to make everything as it was before the conflict. For broken trust though, it will take forever.
  5. not point out the mistakes of your friend when there are other people or on social sites, don’t share the information even with the friends who are mutual.
  6. Sometimes a friend will be focused on situations and not problems: when people are faced with life challenges, they withdraw from people and maybe just connect with close friends. Let your friend know you are there for them irregardless of the situation.
  7. Maybe your friend was into someone else: maybe you tried to be close to them and they did not want. Do not take it personal but learn to get used to it. Maybe the person already had s close knit circle of friends and didn’t want a plus one.
  8. Tell friend about being open to friendships for later life. Make sure to reconcile with someone in some point in life.

Here are some of the things you should do when someone does not talk to you;

  1. Be strong especially if when people shut you out it crushes you into bits
  2. Do not insist. There are times when giving up is the only way out